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    What is Black Desert Online? Black Desert Online (BDO) is a sandbox korean style MMORPG. Starting off with character creation, this game has one of the most complex costumisation I have seen in my life in an MMO. You can modify absolutely everthing about your own character, from the small details like eyes, eyebrows, fingers etc. to big ones like height, weight, hairstyle etc. Moving on to first impresions, the game starts off a bit clunky, the tutorial isn’t enough for a new guy who starts into MMO’s, but as a sandbox it’s expected, the inventory is limited, the weight you can carry in the inventory also limited, alot of thing to make this game realistic. The graphics are eyecandy, and even the starting combat is exciting not to mention the day/night cycle in this game. Even tho you must grind through hordes of monsters, that’s not the only way to have fun here. You can do a multiple choice of life skills including fishing, farming, sailing, riding, gathering etc. and not only you benefit of all this, but you gain experience doing this, not just from killing monsters. So anytime you get bored from life skill you can go to grind and the other way around. The game has it’s own market system, which means you cannot trade important items such as weapons, armors, materials etc. Everything must be put at the ingame auction house. The only thing tradable ingame are potions and food. There is also a cash shop that has costumes for you character, inventory expansions, weight limit increase or even pets to gather items that drop from monsters for you. This might be a problem for some people depending on preference but there is no fast travel. You either tame/buy a horse from a market and ride the entire map. Cam be a bit of a turnoff for some, but it makes you enjoy the world much more. Riding along rivers, climbing mountains or sailing across seas. As the title also sudgests there is also a desert for the endgame highlevel characters, which is a bit harsh on players, not only you get debuffs depending on day/night cycle like heatstroke/hypothermia but also you don’t see yourself on the map, so going in careless without remembering the enviroment can be harsh on the way back to safety. You can wander for hours before you get back from where you came. Ther are no dungeons as expected from MMORPG’s but there are world bosses that spawn periodically in specific locations that drop endgame gear. There aren’t many item sets but the game excels in everything else, such as PVP with guild wars, node wars, PK and duels, and on the PVE part with lifeskills, different areas to farm and alot of quests that are optional. The crafting can be harsh if you don’t learn how to upgrade your items efectively but going through the last upgrades from +15 to +20 will give a lot of boost to the stats. Now finally talking about the endgame, well, there is no endgame, there isn’t a cap at level, or lifeskill. It only gets harder and harder, requiring to farm more and more to progress. The developers keep adding new content to the map, that keeps expanding, with new enemies, classes, items and professions. Why should I buy an account or any of the products? The game can get a bit too much grindy, and buying already high leveled, high geared accounts here can save you alot of time. Here at GamingMarket we offer you a large variety of accounts from other players aswell as  silver and really fast power leveling at the cheapest prices you can find. The most important reason for which buy a Black Desert Online account is the fact that starting a new account, it becomes an instant disadvantage for level 1 players since the rest of the world is already much ahead and will still evolve and advance even further ahead. Having a character at least level 50 will guarantee that you can keep up the peace with the rest of the players this making you sure that you will not be left behind. If you are still worried about missing the story, simply look up for an account that has been leveld up without completing the story, as in Black Desert Online this can be done in many other ways. The game itself is soft capped at level 50 so basically up until then you are kind of grinding so you can start the game. It's highly based on the grind to win system not having any hard cap after you get past level 50. GamingMarket ensures that every transaction made through the website is safe and secure for both buyers and sellers. is safe and secure. GamingMarket takes necessary procedures to make every trade safe, we ensure that all offers for Black Desert Online, is delivered before the payment is issued to the seller. FAQ GamingMarket is a virtual market for various goods, we ensure all safety of trading by securing the payments and guaranteeing delivery. If you have any doubt about purchasing a Black Desert account or service feel free to contact us at our 24/7 live chat support or via our web ticket system, we will gladly answear all your questions and guide you through out the whole process. We guarantee the safety of your money as well as the safety of your products! How is the delivery made? Option One: In-game, Face to Face Delivery Sellers will be selecting this delivery method if their delivery process includes meeting your character in-game. Usually the seller will select the time and place were to meet you. Tips: Make sure you consider the difference between time zones. To confirm which server or world you and the seller will be meeting on if the game more than one. Never, under any circumstances, return gold, item, etc. to the delivery character if ever asked. In the event the seller asks you to, please take a screenshot and report this to GamingMarket Customer Support. Option Two: In-game Mailbox delivery. Some sellers will select the option to deliver gold or items directly to an in-game mailbox. This option is extremely popular on games like WoW, ArcheAge, but it also supports any game that has this function. This delivery method can be extremely convenient for both parties since it can be done within minutes and you don’t have to plan when to meet, therefore not wasting any time. Option Three: Via GamingMarket In case the product that you are selling is not an in-game item but an account/key, the transcation will be completed directly on GamingMarket. After the buyer has purchased his goods, the seller will have a specific period of time to deliver it (if that does not happen, the transcation will be canceled and the customer will get his money back). 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