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    There are no dungeons as expected from MMORPG’s but there are world bosses that spawn periodically in specific locations that drop endgame gear. There aren’t many item sets but the game excels in everything else, such as PVP with guild wars, node wars, PK and duels, and on the PVE part with lifeskills, different areas to farm and a lot of quests that are optional. The crafting can be harsh if you don’t learn how to upgrade your items effectively but going through the last upgrades from +15 to +20 will give a lot of boost to the stats.   Now finally talking about the endgame, well, there is no endgame, there isn’t a cap at level, or life skill. It only gets harder and harder, requiring to farm more and more to progress. The developers keep adding new content to the map, that keeps expanding, with new enemies, classes, items and professions.   Why should I buy an account or any of the products? The game can get a bit too much grindy, and buying already high leveled, high geared accounts here can save you alot of time. Here at GamingMarket we offer you a large variety of accounts from other players as well as  silver and really fast power leveling at the cheapest prices you can find. The most important reason for which buy a Black Desert Online account is the fact that starting a new account, it becomes an instant disadvantage for level 1 players since the rest of the world is already much ahead and will still evolve and advance even further ahead. Having a character at least level 50 will guarantee that you can keep up the peace with the rest of the players this making you sure that you will not be left behind. If you are still worried about missing the story, simply look up for an account that has been leveled up without completing the story, as in Black Desert Online this can be done in many other ways. The game itself is soft capped at level 50 so basically up until then you are kind of grinding so you can start the game. It's highly based on the grind to win system not having any hard cap after you get past level 50. GamingMarket ensures that every transaction made through the website is safe and secure for both buyers and sellers. is safe and secure. GamingMarket takes necessary procedures to make every trade safe, we ensure that all offers for Black Desert Online, is delivered before the payment is issued to the seller.