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    Why should I buy or sell a Blade and Soul account? Selling your Blade and Soul account to one of our buyers is a simple way to get yourself some extra cash from an account that you don't use anymore, got bored of it or even if you are no longer playing the game. If you register as a seller you can set your own price for the account and use our platform as a safe place to make some money. . Contact us at our live support if you would like more informations about the selling process. Buying an account from GamingMarket, not only that will help you get your favourite character in the game to a high level, maybe even to the max one, but it will also save your farming time since you can get it already geared up! We offer you the best prices on the market for the accounts and as always, we guarantee your safety and satisfaction when purchasing one. Because of the sandbox open-world nature of the game, the players tend to get attached to their first character created and losing the will to create another only because they already have through the whole story line and quests, this making leveling up boring and not pleasant. In this situation GamingMarket is your best friend as you can find anything that you want to purchase, trade or sell. We also have a dedicated 24/7 live chat support equipped with a web ticket system aswell ready to answer all your questions, so don't hesitate to contact us!