What is Blade and Soul? Blade & Soul is your typical MMORPG. Player creation offers a choice of 4 races Gon, Lyn, Jin, Yun. Race selection isn't only for aesthetics, but it will also determine what kind of class you can play as they are race locked. There are seven classes that include the Kung Fu Master, Blade Master, Destroyer, Assassin, Force Master, Blade Dancer, and the Summoner. Each of the seven classes has a unique playstyle, some being harder to play than others. This is due to the fact that Blade & Soul puts a huge emphasis on combat, so it's important to choose an appropriate class to suit your playstyle and skill level. After the class selection comes character creations, which is pretty impressive, a lot of physical characteristics can be changed and modified, it’s one of the most complex creation engine out there, you can make your own character exactly how you want it fat, thin, ugly, beautiful, old, young etc. Like most free-to-play games, Blade and Soul has an in-game cash shop for you to spend real money or a special in-game currency on. Fortunately, this won’t have any impact if you chose not to buy anything from it because the items are either cosmetic or for convenience, like keys that guarantee the weapons found in a chest can be used by your class. Blade & Soul easily has some of the best combat found in any MMO currently on the market. Blade & Soul has done away with the boring and clunky tab target method to target foes that you see in almost every MMO, and instead you have to aim every spell towards your enemies, and while this can be a bit jarring at first to players used to traditional MMOs, anyone who has played a third-person shooter or action game will quickly find themselves right at home. Outside of the combs, you complete quests, level up, gain new skills and continue on with the story. Unfortunately, Blade & Soul's quests feel very archaic, including standard fetch-quests that went out of style years ago. Kill 10 of these, collect 5 of those, and talk to the NPC halfway across the map. It can be a slog to get through them, and for every fun quest you do find there are tons of boring ones. The story quests are a bit better, but the story itself is very hit-or-miss. The story tells the classic wuxia tale of seeking vengeance for your fallen master: Travel across the land helping others as you chase down your master's killer. Thankfully, getting around the world to do a lot of these quests is a blast compared to most MMOs. For starters, there are no mounts in Blade & Soul; instead, your character is skilled in "wind-walking," an ability that lets you sprint outside of combat at high speeds. While wind-walking, you can jump to take to the air and glide effortlessly over terrain. As you level up, your ability to wind-walk improves as well. Towards the end, you'll find yourself walking up walls and diving from waterfalls effortlessly as you traverse the landscape. Climbing trees and other objects to get the drop on your opponent is very satisfying, and even just messing around in certain zones to see how high or how far you can travel is enjoyable. The game also provides Dragon Streams around the map, which are points that allow players to quickly traverse certain areas that would otherwise require a lot of effort to reach. The game's different zones progressively allow more freedom to expand on your ability to wind-walk. Overall, Blade & Soul is a fun and interesting take on MMO combat and PvP that is 100% free to play.