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    Clash of Clans? Clash of Clans is a game build on grinding and player progression, a lot of the game revolves around having many hours spent on it and you can choose to start from fresh and work your way up to the top after spending thousands and thousands of hours just to get to a competition level to join your friends in clan battles where you aren't too weak to be a burden on them. Instead browse through our marketplace and pick up an account that is perfect for you and start with a head start and avoid spending needlessly long hours doing the same things over and over here at Gaming Market. Why the Clash of Clans clan battle system is completely unfair and why you’d want to get yourself an account from GamingMarket to at least have a chance. The Clan system was unfair from the get-go it allows lower level players to join a battle teamed up with higher level players while the opponent crushes you based solely on grind hours and no skill at all. The only counter to this would be pick an account that suits the skill level to be at least relevant in a clan battle and not miss out on it as it is a key feature in the game and revolves around it.   Clash of Clans has created a genre around the freemium mobile strategy games, the success of the game has sparked a big inflation lead to many games that are a direct copy of the Clash of Clans with a twist to them which is a good thing for the community as it gives players a chance to pick and choose between what genre they prefer, if medieval barbarians and wizards isn’t for them that's not a big deal as they can opt out for a game with the same concept, new and fresh mangement but instead of barbarians and wizards they could have army based theme with a entire new twist on their dearly loved Clash of Clans. The only negative that has come the inflation of the freemium mobile strategy games is that Clash of Clans is actually clashing for it’s spot as the best freemium mobile strategy game despite being the one that started it all. A prime example of this would be Clash Royale this game has far surpassed Clash of Clans in the charts and is perhaps sitting at the top the ladder in Android devices. Clans are groups of players who coalescence together to fortify each other, either materially (donating troops) or verbally (gift advice). Musician can join kin group once they reconstitute the special Clan Rook building early on. A John R. Major component of the gameplay of Clash of Tribe is kin s lining off against one another in the "kindred state of wars". Clan bellwethers and co-bellwethers can Menachem Commence wars against other tribe . Each clan is then given one "preparation Day " and one "war day." When a participant onslaught a member of the opposing clan, they receive lead fundament d upon the amount of mazuma of end they cause to the opponent's community. Each thespian is inhibited to two attacks per war, and the team with the most stars at the terminus of the war day is declared victorious. If the two clans' issue of stars are peer , then the victorious clan is the one that has a more preponderant percent ravagement. Players receive incentive war prize if he/she utilize their assailants in the war. This clams is different on different bases and is decided by Supercell, the top most base has the most war bonus loot and the last base has the least amount of bonus loot. If the clan wins the war, the bonus loot is plenarily distributed to the participant but during a loss one-third of the loot is distributed to the player. In the May 2016 update, Amicable Challenge were introduced to sanction clanmates to compete amongst other clanmates, however these challenges do not provide loot or prize and do not affect a player's army.