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    What is Clash Royale?

    Clash Royale is a freemium mobile tower defence battle arena game available on the apple and android app store. The game is a product of the same company behind Clash of Clans, Boom Beach, Hay Day, Brawl Stars following the same arena based game genre adding it’s own change to the game to it whilst keeping the core concept of the game similar for people looking for variety from the original clash of clans gameplay. The game follows a very basic concept where players build structures and armies and use them to fight other players. The rating system in the game is determined by skill rather than spending real life currency to obtain overpowered characters like various other mobile battle arena games which are free to play on the mobile. Clash Royale follows a strict battle system that players combat each other's defences and the better player advances in the global ladder and is given a rating to show how skilled he is at the game. The game has a much different graphics and animations that you’d expect from the creators of Clash of Clans the game has almost too cartoonish graphics which is more appealing to players who prefer the simplistic approach to the game and don’t prefer advanced graphics that just eat up your phone's battery. The game is also based around strategy and problem solving unlike CoC or Boom Beach the game’s battle system is solely structured and based around strategy and forces players to think outside the box to win and forces players to think about what their opponent will do sort of like the game of chess.

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    How much will it cost me?

    A question that is asked often is how much time do you need to spend on clash royale, for players who don’t enjoy the grind and waiting for hours and hours for structures to build and progress you base this is the perfect game it takes the best parts of clash of clan and puts it into the game from minute 0, the moment you get into the game you put into combat and already against real opponents the game remains the same from the start to finish where you combat other players and advance your skills in the game. To conclude the question how long it will take to get started into the game and reach the same skill level as someone whose advanced and played the game for long periods of time you don't need any, the game rewards time spent with the knowledge you spent in the game to compare this game will be like comparing it to esports games, like csgo or lol the game is same for everybody the only change is how good you are at that is what separates a new player from a end game player the more time you put into the game and learning the game the better you will get at it not the more time you spent grinding or the more real life currency you spent into the game. The game overall is perfection there is a lot of addiction factor to the game where you just want to keep coming back to play the game over and over with a hunger for getting better and improving this is a common trait in most arena duel based games.