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    Diablo's playthrough Act I  takes place in New Tristam where the player has to investigate the falling star which struck the cathedral that now is emanating risen undead. In this act the player is accompanied by Leah in the search for Decard Cain. After rescuing Cain, the player is informed that the only way to the fallen star is to defeat King Leoric, known as "Skeleton King".   Act II takes place in the city of Caldeum where the player is accompanied by Leah and Tyrael. The player leaves the town in the search for Maghda, while Tyrael and Leah are searching for evidence of Belial in the city sewers. The player encounters Belial - the Lord of Lies, therefore defeating him, Leah capturing Belial's soul within the Black Soulstone, freeing the city of Caldeum. Act III takes place in Bastion's Keep, the player accompanied by Tyrael, Leah and Adria find out that the Keep is under attack by Azmodan's army. Azmodan, known as the Lord of Sin, is defeated in the end by the player, Leah sealing Azmodan's soul within the Black Soulstone. Act IV the player arrives in the High Heavens to find that it is under attack. In this act the player encounters Diablo in an attempt to stop him from reaching the Crystal Arch who is the source of power for the forces of Heaven. After a long battle Diablo is defeated, Tyrael decides to rejoin the Angiris Council as the Aspect of Wisdom, but remains a mortal who is dedicated to build a permanent alliance between angels and humans. Diablo itself it's a farm-type game that requires a lot of grinding. Going through different Torment levels to recieve more and more powerful equipment. Even if you don't have the time to grind those high Torment levels or even to get yourself that set who gives you the survivability, don't panic! Here at GamingMarket we have power leveling, items for sale and such!