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    What is Final Fantasy XIV?

    Final Fantasy XIV is a open world MMORPG where you take the role of a character in the final fantasy video game genre and follow the storyline, earning titles, leveling up, guilds and lots of in game currency and valuables to obtain. The game was published by the creator Square Enix the game was released back in 2010 and it has been 7 years and the game is still strong going with a giant player base and lots of content behind it. The graphics of the game is fantastic and the boss fights take a lot of skill and practice to master the game. The content does get stale towards the end of the game as the max level cap is very low and the boss fights can get a bit stale with the players notoriously complaining about extremely low drop rates in the game since the game was released around ten years ago.

    Final Fantasy XIV's Future?

    Final Fantasy XIV has done a good job to update the game since then is still showing to be a profitable investment for the company as Final Fantasy XIV has progressed to over a million players back in it’s prime globally, and the servers are world wide letting you play the game globally if you wanted to jump right into it. Final Fantasy XIV also have lots of class variety with each having lots of variety in skills and end-game story unlike most games who have cosmetics changes only Final Fantasy XIV hasn’t overlooked this and has put in a lot of time to make sure everything is unique and fresh so even a veteran players playing the game over with another character feel completely new and feel like it’s a new game for him as well, the game also does a good job stomping out any grind maps where players are forced to stay on the same area for hours and hours killing the same thing over and over which I think is a really good feature and that most games should incorporate as well.

    Why pick Gaming Market?

    The reason you would want to pick our site over any others to put it into a single word would be speed, our servers, some of the cons of the game is the payment model Final Fantasy XIV does follow a subscription paid model following the WoW themed not many players are willing to pay monthly to unlock all the content of the game and with the addition of the in-game shop where players can buy boosts to speed up a lot of the tedious tasks in the game it is generally a negative factor in the eyes of newer players trying to get into the game and join the massive army of players currently roaming the game right now. The positive of this is however the developers of this game provides quality content in return of the subscription based model which is the reason Final Fantasy XIV is even doing so well 7 years after it’s release similar to other paid based model games like WoW not many seem to do well in the that genre but Final Fantasy XIV has done it so if that’s not a deal breaker it’s a great game for almost all players who enjoy the MMO genre. Each year the game releases massive amounts of raids, dungeons, level caps and much more than any more game available out there and is notoriously for having content all year long. To conclude the team behind Final Fantasy XIV really put their money where their mouth is, they make sure the players playing subscription based payment aren't wasting their money they are regularly updating the game and making sure their players aren't feeling like their money is going to waste, overall enjoy our services!