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Buy or Sell League of Legends Accounts- LOL Marketplace

Are you interested in affordable LOL smurfs? Do you want a LOL account that has reached Diamond, Gold, Silver or platinum level ratings? Notwithstanding whatever you are looking for, we have ALL of it! Search your server below to check out the offers. All the for-sale accounts of League of Legends on GamingMarket are ranked and sold by professional and recognized LoL players. You are free to ask our customer service team any questions you need answers to anytime anyday, they are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  

Buy League of Legends Account At GamingMarket

Fed up of all the poisonous matches on your League of Legends accounts? Are probably new to the game and interested in buying LoL accounts with lots of champions? GamingMarket is at your service. We have various kinds of LoL accounts that you can buy. Select from the best and the most affordable offers that Internet offer. Make your friends envy you and get the League account right away.  

LoL Account Purchase - Acquire your Most Wanted LoL Champions and Skins

Reaching the challenger rank sometimes takes time. Why go through such a time consuming process when you can take a shorter route? Simply purchase an account and leap into the higher levels. Not interested in the competitive level matches? Just want to choose from the many LoL Champions? Simply buy an LoL account that is full of the Champs and skins you like. You don't need an IP to purchase your choice of League of Legends Champion. Check out marketplace now and save yourself the time and effort. Are you a pro player? GamingMarket can as well assist you! You can sell your League of Legends Smurf accounts on our marketplace and earn your money as quick as possible. We can assist you in exchanging your digital winnings into real and cool cash. With a record of over 1 million members, there is an unlimited market for LoL accounts. Earn money in an interesting way.  

Safe League of Legends Account Trading

Purchasing and selling with fellow players via the GamingMarket marketplace is very safe and highly secure. This is because of the PlayerGuardian Trading Protections, this is in accordance to providing a secure lol account offers and to ensuring that every purchase is delivered before the issuing of disbursement. There are many reasons that made transacting at GamingMarket perfect and fit. Firstly, we offer only the best prices for League of Legends Accounts and we also make available different payment options to our enthusiastic community plus, a round the clock customer service support. We have been ensuring maximum protection for our members and ensuring the safety of their trades since 1999 and we are a BCA recognized and accredited company. Do you have any questions, suggestions, or concerns please, kindly contact us. Our Customer Service Support is available to reach anytime anyday, they are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can send us an email or fax. Goodluck trading!   It is more easier now, GamingMarket now made it safe and secure to transact with other members by ensuring your payment is well secured and delivery is guaranteed.  

What is the Game Account trading procedure?

Buyer makes order and pays to GamingMarket ~> PlayersGuardian protects Payment ~> Seller fowards the Game Account Details to GamingMarket ~> Sellers is issued disbursement <~ Buyer receives Game Account Details and confirms the delivery <~ GamingMarket Reviews the Game Account  

What should I be expecting to see in the game account detail I receive?

When you successfully purchase a game account at GamingMarket, you will be given all required details and guidance to use the game account and to claim a complete ownership of the account. The details include:
  • Username
  • Password
  • Last name (optional, except if applicable)
  • Security Question (optional except if applicable)
  • Parental Password (optional, except if applicable)
  • First CD key (only if the seller knows of it)
If need be, you may ask for further details from the seller. Moreover, any other details that is not mention is not required in completing the transfer of a game account ownership, it is only if the seller chooses to provide them.  

Will the seller send those details to me directly?

No. After you buy the game account, we will notify the seller and tell him/her to send the game account details to GamingMarket. After which, we will review and confirm the and file the select properties of the game account before sending the game account details to you. After having received the game account details, we will give you some time to verify the game account completely, finalize it ownership transfer, and then confirm it safe and complete delivery to GamingMarket.  

When do I get the game account and How?

For the transactions of the Game account, the seller will forward the Game Accounts details to GamingMarket for verifications and reviewing. If the account is free of issues, GamingMarket will then forward the account login information to your registered email under 24 hours.  

What if the delivered game is different from the seller's description in the For-Sale offer?

In the event that the game account is not as described by the seller, you may decide to keep and renegotiate for a lower price with the seller via our Dispute Resolution System. Another option is to return the game account undamaged with no issues and your refund is guaranteed from GamingMarket.  

Am I protected if the seller ever reclaim the already purchases game account?

Every of the game accounts bought by our recognized and Verified players and above via GamingMarket have 100 percent after sale support. For the members that wants more protection for their already purchased accounts, GamingMarket provides insurance packages which protect against any unlikely event of your already purchased game account is not reclamable or cannot be suspended because of the former owner. If this happens and GamingMarket finds it difficult to return the game account, GamingMarket will give you GamingMarket Market Credit that will equate to the particular insurance package fee, that can be used to buy any for-sale offer products at GamingMarket.  

League of Legends Review and LoL Champions

After a while now, the 6.6 patch of the League of Legends is finally here. This new addition has brought about various changes - more balances to be precise - in LoL champion and products. Talking of Champs, the patch 6.6 has provided us with a new champ. Here is a quick briefing on the identity of the patch 6.6 star and what he is capable of doing on Runeterra. Are you an exiting player or a new player and interested in buying the League of Legends accounts even if it is the PBE Account or the LoL Smurfs, this information is compulsory for you. Riot games adopted successful game concept began with a Defense of Ancients (DOTA), 3 map Warcraft. It was launched in the year 2009, it was first of all set to a small fanfare, but later on witness a quick pool to its frequent player base. As at 2011, Riot Games declared that LoL has a record of 32.5 million players, among which11.5 million players play on monthly basis, with 4.2 million player playing on daily basis. You know the period of feeling amazed and you login into WoW server to check the over 30, 000 frequent players? Averagely, there are more than 175,000 active online players on every hours of the day. After 2 years, it has grown to 27 million Daily players and an average of 7.5 million EXISTING ONLINE PLAYERS. LoL has destroyed the gaming records that were set by other games. The only available site that can compete with this CCU record is the Steam Site of which its record was set in November 2015 with 13.48 million exiting online players, but remember that Steam divided its players across thousands of several games. However, LoL is the overall award for having the strongest existing player base all for an individual title.  

Acquire a Smooth LoL Skin

Having the strongest and largest fan base of LoL, it is no wonder the game is likened to a valuable metal. The LoL skin is the individual target of majority of the players because it adds additional fun and several other amazing options to the game. The sale of the LoL skin is what interest many players and the activities around the game boosts faster. The price of a single LoL kin can reduce about to 25 percent of its actual price. This is all about saving money. But this can become more priced if players wants to buy skins. There is no actual skin bundle that Riot will ever made available where every player will seem satisfied with the content. You may desire a jinx skin in a bundle, but what will you do with an uninteresting Rammus skin that it is put together with? When this happens, it results into a waste of money because you only made payment for a single skin that the price was just a little lower than buying only the jinx skin. What is effective is a specialized LoL Skin store or better still a trusted marketplace that offers cheap LoL Skins. GamingMarket offers the most affordable deals in online gaming. Our store is friendly and we having Ben handling the gaming community since as far back as 1989. GamingMarket have been in existence since 2000. When talking about longevity and the best LoL sale, no other platform can compete with GamingMarket. Forget about wanting to look for other lol platforms for trades that might be unsafe, or looking for lol skin sales on third party pages that may likely  or may not have gotten those LoL skin justifiably. Moreover, the most important aim of GamingMarket is to eliminate restrictions between gamers, and to protect people from getting swindled. To be candid, most people are yet to visit this site to look for LoL platforms or even for a LoL sale, you are only here to look for LoL accounts to buy.  

Purchase League of Legends Accounts

You are just at the best place to transact with other fellowe gamers jut for that same thing, LoL Accounts, specifically if you are looking for affordable LOL Smurfs. As a seller, you will like our free registration and the low seller costs, which in all aspect is much lower than other gaming sites who uses the same method. We prefer to be open as much as possible, and we make known our fees on the site. Not minding what other sites may think about being less pricey, GamingMarket is the head when it comes to earning much more... for the fact that we don't charge you with undisclosed fees. Apparently, if you want to buy League of Legends Accounts, this is very simple, because there is no registration fee for buyers. It is very easy to say we are ''simple, affordable, secure'' when buying a LoL Account. But the truth is that buyers are sharp and wants to know the major hints when it is about League of Legends markets. Affordable, yes... most of our gamers are very particular about price, and this is right because users can either get the perfect deals by simply trading either fellow gamers, or they get unlikely deals, which can only be made available through the effort and commitment of a gamer. Security? Yes, we are concern about that also. And this is due to the fact that you can confirm from our site if our sellers are good and genuine. Moreover, we have a stable system that protects both our buyer and seller, ensuring that your personal data, details, account, and products are protected. Having being in operation for 16 years, shows that we have created an exceptional system of fraud prevention to safeguard you and your trade. In a nutshell, we do not only offer League of Legends or MoBA games, but also numerous kind of game names and styles. Check out our catalog and see if we have the game of your choice. It is more easier and safe if you choose GamingMarket instead of going from one online gaming site to another looking for best deals. Quickly purchase a League of Legends account here and we will meet at the Summoner's Rift, Summoner.