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    Buy or Sell Ourworld Items

    Ourworld is a regarded game that is regarded as one of the best MMO's in gaming industry. There are various options of in-games, mini-games and items and you get to interact with the gaming community and there are chances of knowing people from the different parts of the world. More importantly, acquiring these items can be somehow difficult as it is required that you win them in the mini-games. Another alternative is to get them from GamingMarket. There are ourworld items available for sale at affordable prices.  

    How is the trading system?

    Buyer makes order and pays to GamingMarket ~> GamingMarket protects Payment ~> Seller Makes the delivery within the given time ~> Seller is issued disbursement <~ Buyer confirms the delivery  

    How does the Seller make the Delivery?

    There are two ways a seller can make delivery:
    1. In-game, Face to Face Meeting Delivery. A seller can decide to make a face to face delivery if he or she intends to meet your in-game character and their own game character. The seller will pick the time and place for the delivery.
    Note: Confirm the time of the account because of time zone differences. Know the server the delivery will take place in the even your game world more than one server. In no circumstances should you return any gold or items to the delivery character if told to. If this ever happens and a seller ask you to return a sold item or gold, screenshot the message and report this to GamingMarket Support Team.
    1. In-game Mailbox Delivery
    Some sellers may choose to make gold or items delivery into in-game mailbox. This option is not mostly use for games like WoW, but it is widely use in other games. This option can be used in smaller games since time of delivery is not usually regulated.  

    When am I expected to get the delivery after payment?

    Check the Sellers' delivery guarantee period. It contains seller's promise to complete delivery within a stipulated period of time after payment is made. However, seller's have the right to set their own delivery time at their convenience. If the seller is unable to make the delivery on time, you may cancel the order and you will get a refund.   If a seller does not make delivery,what happens? But this has never happened in GamingMarket. If this ever happens, you will get a refund. There are penalties if any of this ever occurs:
    • If a seller refuses to deliver
    • If a seller does not deliver within the agreed time
    • If a seller confirms delivery but you did not ge any thing delivered
    • If a seller delivers item that doesn't match the description

    Getting Ourworld Uncommon Items Conveniently

    Ourworld game was developed by Flowplay. It is played by both teenager and youths and even those in their thirties. Through the game social MMO, you get to relate and interact with other users. The game is packed with exhilarating activities coupled with it various items that players can collect.   Ourworld items like vampire teeth, currency, skates, cars, skateboards, hoverboards, jet-packs, tattoos, sprites, demon eyes, just to name a few. These items are usually in abundance moreso, some are very difficult to acquire. The easy ones can be easily collected as much as a player wants.  

    Overview of Ourworld

    Ourworld is a computerized form of earth, where people get to relate and interact with one another through the formation of friendship, trade, and several other activities. The arcade game and mini-game can be played to earn what is called 'flow' which can be used to upgrade level or exchange with coins. Upgrading in levels enables a player to have access to some locked features and you get the chance to go around the worlds with more coins coming in. Thee coins can be used to buy gems and other items.  

    Buy Ourworlds Items at GamingMarket

    GamingMarket is a transparent online gaming marketplace. We do not support any form of fraudulent activities and thus, we ensure that we deliver the bet service to our customers. We protect every of our users personal data, accounts, and payment. As a buyer, you can choose whom you will like to transact with, we do not impose anything on you. And for the seller's, registration is absolutely free with no additional fees attached. We take pride in our sellers reliability and trustworthiness and we do not support any of illegitimate trading on our site. We have every items on Ourworld here at GamingMarket. Be it easy to get items or the rare items, you will get whatever you are looking for here. Gamers with surplus items are allowed to sell them to interested buyers. The timely delivery of your purchase is guaranteed and we ensure that delivery is successfully completed before disbursement is made. Are you interested in buying ourworld items or other game items? Check out our site and see what we have for you. For any questions, concerns, suggestions, contact our Customer Service Support. They can be reached at any time and day or you send us an email or fax.