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    Ourworld Accounts, how do we obtain them? You can pick up a Ourworld account from our website our accounts are sold by verified ourworld players who have accounts to progressed greatly in Ourworld and have extra accounts they can share with other players. You can catalog through our sections for an account of your choice. The buyer will describe the accounts in the description and you can also view the screenshots provided to view what your paying for. Our system is designed to prevent scams and information leaks everything you put into the site as a seller or buyer is confidential. If you are not satisfied with your purchase or receive something other than what was specified on the thread you can contact our support directly and they will assist you this system prevents any type of scam taking place on the website. How are the transactions done? Transactions are safe and all transactions you do on this site is backed our security and protection. Buyers and sellers both will not have to worry about scams or fraud trades. The process of buying and selling on GamingMarket works like the following, the buyer chooses an item and picks it out, purchases it and has a short period of time to report any problems with the product also given the option to leave a rating to the seller to better benefit the seller's shop in the long term but if there is a issue the transaction is reverted and as long as the customer hasn’t modified anything on the account / purchase the seller is free to choose another item on the gamingmarket website from any other buyer he may so choose to pick from or any other section available on our website that the buyer might be interested in including games other than Ourworld. Chances are you are wondering at how are the transactions safe for trading in OurWorld and that is asked a lot when purchasing anything online, the answer to that of how is always asked that is being mentioned here is how are the transactions done and how are they safe, as a customer your priority is safety especially when its a online product where you cannot quite see your product or what you are paying for, well that is nothing to worry about Gaming Market is the number one trading website available on the web, all the transactions are first checked by you before any amount of pay is given to the vendor or sellers based on what you prefer to call the buyer. Gaming Market is the premium choice when picking items to buy to enhance your gaming needs for Ourworld you can easily pick up an account and immediately receive the login information to check and be ready to go you don’t have to worry about scams at all because that’s our job we also provide a live chat support that is available at all times during the day and is at your service whenever they are needed. For those with a lot of gold already, GamingMarket can help you as well! Sell your gold with us! There is always a player looking to buy Ourworld. Thanks to our player to player marketplace you can set your own prices, and reap all the profit. We will help you turn your digital treasures. So what are you waiting for there is a lot of sellers on the OurWorld Section and they have lots to sell so go check them out!