What is Ourworld? Ourworld is a browser role-playing game where players experience life from their virtual character, the game sets the stage for younger audience to live the life of adults. Players earn coins, progress their virtual character through the game. This game is advertised towards young teenagers allowing them to escape their lives and live the life of a young adult, interacting with other players, trading and conversing. The game was released in 2008 still maintained and updated to this day and regularly holds events on a weekly basis. You can find events like art contest, fashion contest on their website, winners of these contest are given special in-game items that add cosmetic value to their accounts. This gameplay is suited for casual players you do not need to put in a lot of hours into the game to progress, the game is not designed to be a competition towards other players but it’s a battle towards you, the game sets the scene for weekly new items and special items that are rare to obtain and players are keen towards collecting them all. One thing to note is that our sellers do not receive any pay until you are satisfied with your product and you are given a 48 hour warranty on all products giving you full safety and customer satisfaction that you receive what you paid for and everything that was listed. Our sellers will also have lots of professional level screenshots to ensure that you have full knowledge of the product and everything you will receive, you can also check the feedback on the seller and leave the seller a feedback out of five stars stars to better help the customer after you and insure quality service. We offer the best service for the least in return, Gaming Market works as a middle-man in your safe transactions our end goal of this operation is to make sure that in the community have a fast and instant trade, from the moment a buyer / customer decides he wants to buy a new Ourworld all he needs to do is google and land on our website and from there it’s only a single button away from purchase, our goal is to make sure buyers / customers have not a single fear of scam in their minds our website takes that fear away we guarantee refunds if you are scammed and we make sure you receive the product you paid for. Focusing on a customer oriented site helps us make sure we offer the best quality service for our customers and for people selling on our website as well It is great importance to us to also lookout for the sellers somethings the customers are looking to skim payments and run, Gaming Market insures that this doesn't happen at all and that you receive what you paid for and the seller receives the payment he expects. You can find game codes in this section, a popular game in the Ourworld community. This fast paced action game is perfect to make you feel like you're in the Ourworld. If you don’t have the game yet simply catalog through our sections to find the game code or go to the origin account sections to see if there an origin account with the game available on it. Ourworld mystery boxes are also a core concept of the game where players are given the option to purchase boxes for real life currency given the chance to obtain an item that would be rare or unachieveable normally. The system is inspired by the valve case opening system that is found in the game counter strike global offensive, the concept is that players are given an item from a list of items each a special rarity level to it, the items are tradeable and hold a high status level for players who have a huge collection of rare items or special cosmetic items. The boxes also are sometimes based around a theme may it be nerd themed, dark themed, beach themed, this theme changes what items will be available in the box and the boxes have a short availability making obtaining them during the prime time available more valuable.