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    Pokemon Go is a location based mmo available on the apple and the android store, the release of the game took the entire world by surprise giving a chance to all the teenagers and young adults out there who grew up with the pokemon series a chance to fulfill their childhood dream and the dream of a certain individual known as Ash Ketchum to “catch them all”. The game takes place in the real world where players from all over the world find pokemons scattered virtually around the globe the game was extremely popular on release and took over the media in a heartbeat on release. The game is free to play in essence but there are limitation that paid players will not have over free to play players. The reason behind pokemon’s success is the mass amounts of user showing off their success to their social networks, the release of pokemon go sparked a massive wave of photos, posts and various other methods of communicating their achievement of random pokemon go related conversation topic and this snowball effect created a massive army of players hunting for pokemon this included taxi drivers, pilots and various other important global leaders who were also your backyard pokemon hunters, a lot of the fans / early players simply played out of curiosity as the release of the pokemon hunting concept was brand new and everyone was simply blown away by the futuristic idea of having to actually leave your house to hunt virtual pokemon and it was the closest a person could get to the real feeling of catching pokemons. However the hype around the game was shortly bursted as there was no real pokemon combat system and people’s expectations were just far too high that the game just could not reach. We also have a system in place where the sellers on our website do not receive any pay until you are satisfied with your product and you are given a 48 hour warranty on all products giving you full safety and customer satisfaction that you receive what you paid for and everything that was listed. Our sellers will also have lots of professional level screenshots to ensure that you have full knowledge of the product and everything you will receive, you can also check the feedback on the seller and leave the seller a feedback out of five stars to better help the customer after you and insure quality service. We offer the best service for the least in return, Gaming Market works as a middle-man in your safe transactions our end goal of this operation is to make sure that in the community have a fast and instant trade, from the moment a buyer / customer decides he wants to buy a new Pokemon Go all he needs to do is google and land on our website and from there it’s only a single button away from purchase, our goal is to make sure buyers / customers have not a single fear of scam in their minds our website takes that fear away we guarantee refunds if you are scammed and we make sure you receive the product you paid for. Focusing on a customer oriented site helps us make sure we offer the best quality service for our customers and for people selling on our website as well It is great importance to us to also lookout for the sellers somethings the customers are looking to skim payments and run, Gaming Market insures that this doesn't happen at all and that you receive what you paid for and the seller receives the payment he expects. You can find game codes in this section, a popular game in the Pokemon Go community. This fast paced actions FPS game is perfect to make you feel like you're in the Pokemon Go. If you don’t have the game yet simply catalog through our sections to find the game code or go to the origin account sections to see if there an origin account with the game available on it. GamingMarket can help you as well! Sell your gold with us! There is always a player looking to buy Pokemon Go. Thanks to our player to player marketplace you can set your own prices, and reap all the profit. We will help you turn your digital treasures. So what are you waiting for there is a lot of sellers on the Pokemon Go Section and they have lots to sell so go check them out!