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    Pokemon Go microtransactions, the game is offered and advertised as a free-to-play game and anyone with a mobile device with the android or apple operating system installed will be able to get it on the app store and playing it but there is a catch, the game offers microtransactions that will cost real life money and the currency depends on your location to obtain, the shop offers various items that make it easier to reach higher levels of the game faster but other than that there isn’t items or pokemon that you can buy with real currency that you won’t obtain over free to play players, the items are simply more pokeballs or items that attract pokemon to your directions basically if you are someone who prefer staying at home and still wants to play pokemon go and not behind in levels or achievements you can take the real life currency option and still have everything your friends who go are hardcore pokemon hunters. Pokemon Go teams, upon reaching level 5 into the game you are given the choice of picking a team and this option makes the game really interesting as teams have the ability to own gyms around the world and show off their skill and strength to all their local pokemon go players this feature of the game keeps the game fresh and keeps players motivated to go outside and keep catching more and better pokemon also training their weaker ones. Pokemon Go wasn’t all positives however there have been a number of real life cases where the game has caused players to come across lots of terrifying and scarring situations. Overall the game is a fun remmancing for all pokemon fans and perhaps just players who enjoy this type of genre. Something to keep in mind when purchasing is the question of how is always asked that is being mentioned here is how are the transactions done and how are they safe, as a customer your priority is safety especially when its a online product where you cannot quite see your product or what you are paying for, well that is nothing to worry about Gaming Market is the number one trading website available on the web, all the transactions are first checked by you before any amount of pay is given to the vendor or sellers based on what you prefer to call the buyer. Gaming Market is the premium choice when picking items to buy to enhance your gaming needs for Pokemon Go you can easily pick up an account and immediately receive the login information to check and be ready to go you don’t have to worry about scams at all because that’s our job we also provide a live chat support that is available at all times during the day and is at your service whenever they are needed. Gaming Market offers users a choice, we try our best to make sure users have a easy and fast transactions. Pokemon Go has been booming with success lately and there are lots of accounts and items for sale. Our vendors are here to provide and cater to you all there is no account or item that can be purchased online that won’t be on our site we guarantee a safe and fast transaction that not many vendors can say the same about. Pokemon Go is all about living out your childhood hero's dream and taking on the world it’s a challenging and it’s a fun game to play. The game offers lots and there is lots to take from the game as well. To finish off the game is a fun remmancing for all pokemon fans and perhaps just players who enjoy this type of genre.