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    Buy or Sell Steam Account

    The Steam market is the largest gaming forum. Hundreds varieties of games can be found on steam market. However, some games are no longer available on Steam, either for purchase or download. But, if you already have a steam account before, which could download rare games before they closed down, then you are on another chapter. But if on the other hand you do not have the account, it is time you get one. Get set to trade with our sellers and see the value of these accounts.  

    Good Steam Account For Sale

    One of the most popular digital distribution site today in the gaming industry is Steam. It us expected that as a pro gamer you should have one or two steam account. But still, most gamers will probably not have any games on their accounts. While on GamingMarket, you can get account that has several games on it just for an affordable price. Check our marketplace for the Steam account you need.  

    Is the Steam Account Compulsory?

    It is possible to create a steam account free. Just like with other game account, you start from the scratch. Whereas, on GamingMarket, you can get Steam accounts that are already fully packed with games. That's you get to buy an account that is valuable. Moreso, you get to have an account that has  preloaded games for a cheaper price than buying the games one by one.  

    Secure CSGO Steam Market

    Doing your game transaction on GamingMarket is very safe and secure plus, we ensure that you get your order delivered on time and nothing but legit game account is what we sell on here. Trading of game accounts and game items on GamingMarket has the perfect fir and his is because we sell at cheaper and affordable prices. We offer the best steam accounts and our customer are provided with our regular Customer Service Support everyday of the week. Plus, GamingMarket is a BBB recognized and accredited company.  

    What is the Game Account trading procedure

    Buyer makes order and pays to GamingMarket ~> PlayersGuardian protects Payment ~> Seller fowards the Game Account Details to GamingMarket ~> Sellers is issued disbursement <~ Buyer receives Game Account Details and confirms the delivery <~ GamingMarket Reviews the Game Account  

    What should I be expecting to see in the game account detail I receive?

    When you successfully purchase a game account at GamingMarket, you will be given all required details and guidance to use the game account and to claim a complete ownership of the account. The details include:
    • Username
    • Password
    • Last name (optional, except if applicable)
    • Security Question (optional except if applicable)
    • Parental Password (optional, except if applicable)
    • First CD key (only if the seller knows of it)
    If need be, you may ask for further details from the seller. Moreover, any other details that is not mention is not required in completing the transfer of a game account ownership, it is only if the seller chooses to provide them.  

    Will the seller send those details to me directly?

    No. After you buy the game account, we will notify the seller and tell him/her to send the game account details to GamingMarket. After which, we will review and confirm the and file the select properties of the game account before sending the game account details to you. After having received the game account details, we will give you some time to verify the game account completely, finalize it ownership transfer, and then confirm it safe and complete delivery to GamingMarket.  

    When and how do I get the game account?

    For the transactions of the Game account, the seller will forward the Game Accounts details to GamingMarket for verifications and reviewing. If the account is free of issues, GamingMarket will then forward the account login information to your registered email under 24 hours.  

    What if the delivered game is different from the seller's description in the For-Sale offer?

    In the event that the game account is not as described by the seller, you may decide to keep and renegotiate for a lower price with the seller via our Dispute Resolution System. Another option is to return the game account undamaged with no issues and your refund is guaranteed from GamingMarket.  

    Am I protected if the seller ever reclaim the already purchases game account?

    Every of the game accounts bought by our recognized and Verified players and above via GamingMarket have 100 percent after sale support. For the members that wants more protection for their already purchased accounts, GamingMarket provides insurance packages which protect against any unlikely event of your already purchased game account is not reclamable or cannot be suspended because of the former owner. If this happens and GamingMarket finds it difficult to return the game account, GamingMarket will give you GamingMarket Market Credit that will equate to the particular insurance package fee, that can be used to buy any for-sale offer products at GamingMarket. Here at GamingMarket, we ensure that your personal information, account, and payment is well secured against scams. Registration is absolutely free with no additional charges.