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    Pair with the local races and defeat the kindling legion withWorld of Warcraft! For real, you can earn gold from true gamers at GamingMarket. We've been involved with online gamer to gamer beginning since 1999. Our forum is secure, justify, and convenient. Why engage in rigorous Quest and fight with unstoppable monsters when you can actually get WoW Gold? For your WoW gold, GamingMarket is the best place to be. Buy your gold today and rescue Azeroth. If you have any difficulties, our Support team is here to tend to you at any given time and day.

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    World of Warcraft is increasingly witnessing dynamic changes with its constant content upgrading and growth. In the digital world of today, does it really make sense to spend hours because of gold? What about if there is a real way to go about this and get all the gold you need for your items, collectibles, and every other thing? Fortunately, at GamingMarket you can get your World of Warcraft Gold at the most affordable prices from other gamers. At GamingMarket, there are WoW gold in place for your character to enjoy your game, be it PvE or PvP. This saves you time. In addition, all of our trades are well protected by GamingGuardian Trading Protections. Your money is save and secure from fraud.

    Trade World of Warcraft gold with convenience

    Convenience is not the only thing you get here when you trade your gold at GamingMarket, your gold is well guarded thanks to our GamingGuardian Trading Protections. Every seller is first of all verified by our system for the protection of every buyer from internet fraudsters. This way, buyers are safe of buy WoW gold hassle-free. Sellers that sell at the lowest prices are as well guarded since we also confirm deliveries to ensure you get your disbursement issued. It is more easier, our Support Team can be reached at any given time and day to assist you in any possible way.

    How do you ensure a Secure and Quick WoW Gold Trading

    Purchasing from other gamers through GamingMarket marketplace is well guarded and protected. We guarantee you that every gold old here are original and we also ensure that every order is completed successfully before payment is made.

    There are several reasons that made trading at GamingMarket the best. Firstly, we give the most affordable prices to every user for WoW gold and our community relate well with our users as well and provide them with various payment options and a round the clock support team to attend to your concern all day long and at any time. We have been ensuring the safety and protection of both our users and their trades since 1999 and we are accredited and recognized by BCA.

    For further questions, suggestions, or concerns, kindly reach out to us through our Support team or send us an email or fax. Goodluck trading!

    How does the seller make the delivery?

    There are two ways a seller can make delivery:

    1. In-game, Face to Face Meeting Delivery. A seller can decide to make a face to face delivery if he or she intends to meet your in-game character and their own game character. The seller will pick the time and place for the delivery.


    • Confirm the time of the account because of time zone differences.
    • Know the server the delivery will take place in the even your game world more than one server.
    • In no circumstances should you return any gold or items to the delivery character if told to. If this ever happens and a seller ask you to return a sold item or gold, screenshot the message and report this to GamingMarket Support Team.
    1. In-game Mailbox Delivery

    Some sellers may choose to make gold or items delivery into in-game mailbox. This option is not mostly use for games like WoW, but it is widely use in other games. This option can be used in smaller games since time of delivery is not usually regulated.

    Why should I choose GamingMarket

    Affordable Prices: prices set at GamingMarket are relatively low and affordable compared to other gaming platforms.

    Maximum protection: GamingMarket is a concerned about its users protection and thus ensure that maximum protection is guaranteed for them and their trades. It is the safest place to buy and sell and timely delivery is guaranteed.

    When am I expected to get the delivery after payment?

    Check the Sellers' delivery guarantee period. It contains seller's promise to complete delivery within a stipulated period of time after payment is made. However, seller's have the right to set their own delivery time at their convenience. If the seller is unable to make the delivery on time, you may cancel the order and you will get a refund.

     If a seller does not make delivery,what happens?

    But this has never happened in GamingMarket. If this ever happens, you will get a refund. There are penalties if any of this ever occurs:

    • If a seller refuses to deliver
    • If a seller does not deliver within the agreed time
    • If a seller confirms delivery but you did not ge any thing delivered
    • If a seller delivers item that doesn't match the description

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